Hey, it’s Leo! We’ve been getting incredible feedback on our Kickstarter Campaign, and we’re happy to see our backers in high anticipation for our product!

But first, let’s address a common question on our socks… What makes it worth its premium price?

The 19.5-micron merino wool that we use is the premium ingredient; this is what makes our socks more (expensive and valuable) than standard wool socks. For comparison, SmartWool PhD Crew Socks are using the same grade of merino wool and is priced at US$28.95. The second material cost factor is the zinc-oxide infused lyocell, the element that makes sure your socks can go for a entire week without wash!

The next main cost driver is the complexity of our HexaShock construction, and it certainly doesn’t help when we are only doing small batch production. The socks are made in Taiwan with the merino wool from Australia, Lycra Spandex from Singapore, Nylon from Taiwan, and zinc-oxide infused lyocell from Austria. With high import tax that US and Canada have put on socks, it’s been more expensive to produce abroad. Unfortunately, that’s the only option we’ve had due to a lack of responses from American and Canadian manufacturers (because we only do small batch production).

Nevertheless, we aim to deliver and prove our quality through performance! Hope this was good food for thought; we want to be as transparent as possible with you guys.

Thanks again for your support!