A Review of the Prototype Merino Socks

I’m in love with the socks, have been since the moment I saw them. I can’t stand the way socks feel on my feet and only wear them when I have to (and even then I debate about it). Your socks feel so comfortable and unrestricting, it feels like I’m wearing slippers! I love how the stitching in the toes doesn’t bug me, how the cushioning on the bottoms actually cushion and how they never slip from my feet.

I wish I could have used them more than I did for hiking but due to a concussion I was pretty restricted, I did get my hike on before that though and my feet stayed warm and dry. This is where I found the most comfort, I’m used to my socks slipping and bunching around the toes but not these ones! I’m so glad I found a “skinny” pair I can wear instead of my thick ones that make my shoes almost feel too small.

The pros would be

– I can actually wear these!!!!!

– the stitching in the toes can’t be felt at all

– they’re warm and keep my feet totally dry

– the cushioning actually cushions

– they do pretty much everything I need them to do to!

The only con would be they didn’t stay up around the ankle (which honestly wasn’t a big deal and didn’t affect the performance at all)

These socks are made for me! I hike, I’m always in the forest and I walk/run a lot. They work for everything I do

The quality can’t be beat, I’ve spent a small fortune on my socks and I can honestly say these are by far the best quality I’ve found.They are absolutely worth buying, they seem like they’ll last forever with the right care. I’ll definitely be buying more pairs, and not just for me!


— Jodie C.