Best Padded Merino Socks for Instant Comfort!

Our Elevated Merino Socks combine technical materials that combat harsh outdoor conditions of rustic environments and urban cityscapes.


Merino Sock

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11 reviews for Merino Sock

  1. Paul G

    I love my Merino socks! The high-quality materials make them super comfortable all day long!

  2. Deamon Nanos

    I love the Merino socks, When working for hours standing and walking i felt more comfortable compared to my daily socks.
    Hope to have more colours =D

  3. barry_ho1

    These are awesome to have as daily socks or even up on the mountains. The thick cushioning absorbs sweat really well and is perfect for keeping my feet warm in -20°C weather while snowboarding!

  4. plouie100

    Great quality, great socks. Can’t beat Merino wool for keeping your feet odorlessly warm in winter & cool in summer. Extra cushioning on the sole is a bonus. No other socks like this!

  5. cooljoecj

    My two biggest issues with socks have been odor and durability. The last silver infused socks I bought did a great job against odor, but couldn’t hold up to dailu wear. So far, my NeverQuits have been holding up extremely well! Easily the most comfortable and durable socks I’ve ever owned, and they handle stink well to boot!

    Highly recommended; you won’t be disappointed!

  6. jason

    The socks are super soft and comfortable.. They fit perfectly and always seem to keep my feet at the right temperature. I’ll definitely be getting more!

  7. Jeff

    I bought NeverQuit Socks for my Wife and I.
    She is a nurse who works 12 hours shifts and is on her feet all the time she loves these socks.
    I find these socks very comfy.
    The build quality on them seems very good and looks like it will hold up for years to come.
    They are made with great materials.
    I backed NeverQuit socks on KickStarter.

  8. kenneth

    Great socks. if you like merino socks you will love these. We do not use anything other than these ones. If you are looking for the best socks for everyday use that will be fantastic for a hiking trip then this is the sock you need

  9. djrmack

    I have had these socks for a few weeks now. I have to say they are some of the best, most comfortable socks I’ve ever owned. On average I walk about 6 miles/day through an urban environment….THEY HAVE BEEN GREAT. Additionally I am an avid hiker/backpacker and have taken them out on the trail twice….7-10 miles/trip….again AMAZING….and little to no “chant/sticky feet” feeling or smell.

    AND….my wife has stolen a pair to wear with her winter boots….and just asked me if they come in woman’s sizes.

    We will definitely be ordering more. But we do wish you had more colors.

  10. vthombs

    In-between sizes (L or XL); superlative customer support got me a pair of each with a rapid return. I’ll be using both- the XL with a sock liner for winter, the L for warmer months. Can’t say enough good things about the customer support; and the socks really do what they claim! Now my go-to’s for everyday and travel.

  11. Lorenzo Arcaini (verified owner)

    I got a pair from kickstarter. Definitely the best socks I had. Ordered 3 more pairs for me and my wife. You can wear them multiple days, they are super comfy and very strong. No false promise, it rocks !

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NEVERQUIT Elevated Merino socks are the result of over 1,366 hours of research and development on the material and design. We dedicated over seven months of working together with our community and manufacturer to make the best merino wool socks available on the market based on your wants and needs in a versatile product. Packed with cutting-edge features — NEVERQUIT Elevated Merino are the socks that your feet deserve.




Combining technical materials that combat harsh outdoor conditions, from rustic environments to urban cityscapes.


Whether your life calls for keeping up with a fast-paced urban lifestyle, or challenging you against the elements of the wilderness, these merino wool socks have got you covered. By combining an urban design for daily use and technical materials for harsh outdoor conditions, NEVERQUIT Elevated Merino will not quit on you.



Well, AMAZING... far more than I was expecting... really I could keep them on for a week and no smell. - Carlo B.



NEVERQUIT Merino - Engineered Features





NEVERQUIT Merino Sock Order



NEVERQUIT Merino Sock Order




Egg Drop Experiment – Regular vs. HexaShock Cushioning System

Egg Drop Experiment - Regular vs. HexaShock Cushioning System

Weight Comparison

Weight Comparison

Water Drop Test

Water Drop Test

Durability Test

Durability Test



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Is shipping really free if I order over $35?

Yes, and everyone knows the best shipping is the kind you don't have to pay for.

When do you ship?

We ship every day of the week and sometimes Saturdays depending on how our carefully trained reindeer are feeling.

Will they shrink when I wash them?

We actually make these a little bigger on purpose to account for shrinkage, which means they will perform better after the first wash or two. Make sure you tumble dry at a low heat setting to prevent excessive shrinkage!

What sizes are available?

Men Medium: 7 - 9.5 Large: 10 - 12 XL: 12.5 - 14.5 Women Medium: 7 - 9 Large: 9.5 - 12.5 XL: 13 - 15 Our socks are unisex and it has been adjusted to your shoe sizes in US measurements.

What if I fall in between sizes? Let’s say, my shoe size is 9.5, should I get size medium or large?

Most of our customers pick the larger size when they want a more loose fit instead of snug fit. But if you picked something that doesn’t fit, we can always exchange them for you :)

Why are your socks so expensive?

You wouldn’t compare the price of a 5-star hotel to a 1-star hotel, would you? That’s right, we are here to provide your feet with 5-star comfort with our ergonomic design and high-tech material that you can’t get from the 1-star socks.

Is your website and payment secure?

Yes, our website is secure with the most updated security software. We can go technical but socks is more of our thing.

What is your Return & Exchange Policy?

We want you to be as happy wearing your NEVERQUIT as we are making them. Our Happiness Guarantee covers free re-stocking (excluding free shipping). For details, read our full shipping & return policy.

Why zinc-oxide and not silver?

Silver is toxic, zinc-oxide is not. We can't have you dying of silver poisoning, can we?

How do I wash your amazing socks?

Because our material is special, it requires one cycle of wash before wearing to unlock the hidden features. Any standard wash with cold water is fine. Tumble dry at low heat (or dry flat) to prevent shrinkage and wash them inside out, otherwise you may cause threading.

Will these pill over time?

We designed these socks to be far less prone to this issue than other cotton socks and our competitors. However, due to the nature of the fibers we use, they will eventually start to pill. However, this will not affect the core functions of the sock or the anti-bacterial properties it offers.

What are your socks made of?

We spent a lot of time finding a good material mix! Probably more time than we should have, but hey, we love socks and we wanted to make the best socks available. Our socks are made with high quality combed cotton, ultra-soft lyocell, nylon, and lycra spandex...oh and a bit of magical dust for good measure!