A Review of the Prototype Merino Socks

1) How did the Neverquit Merino Socks grow on you and what were your first impressions (and all the consecutive ones!)?

– I initially just tossed the socks on and wore them the day after I got them for a hike and a few hours kicking around in a float tube in some waders. I enjoyed the socks mostly due to the quality and warmth of the merino wool. I went from a rainy hike, to cramming them in waders and flippers and kicking around a freezing cold lake, and my feet were warm throughout. They seem to keep my feet warmer than other, thicker, wool blend socks I have used in the past.

2) What are your experiences with the socks
I’ve had a number of experiences with the socks. I have used them for fishing in waders, hiking, landscaping, and walking around in rainy and cold Vancouver weather and they’ve performed well in all these aspects.

– Regulate temperature well (went from indoors to outdoors in the socks and my feet were never too hot or too cold)

– Neutral colour, able to wear with casual clothing

– Warm, even when wet. (I found out the hard way that my one of my work boots was leaking on a pouring day greens-keeping at the golf course I work at. I was wearing my Neverquit Merino Wool socks and I noticed that my wet left foot, didn’t get cold, even though I could feel the water squelching in my boot. The merino wool kept my foot warm for my 8 hour shift even though it was soaking wet.)

– They fit amazingly well. The thinness of these socks means that they can fit into all my shoes perfectly and easily, without and tightness, while still feeling as warm and comfy as a thicker sock.

– I’ve used them for an number of different activities and they’ve worked well for all of them.


– Upkeep. While I understand that making these socks last is important, sometimes I just want to pull on a pair of socks without thinking about it and head out the door. You have to be cognizant of how you put these socks on and how to wash and take care of them. While these are not really cons, it’s just something that takes a little more time and thought.

– The hexagon cushioning. I’m not going to lie, I didn’t notice a difference except in my extremely thin leather shoes with a hard sole. Hiking boots, work boots, waders, I really couldn’t feel a difference from the normal wool blend socks I use for those.

– Length. Offering these socks in a longer length would be great. While I love this length for most activities and shoes/boots, I did notice they were a bit short while I was wearing rubber boots at work.

4) Are the socks made for what you do? Such as work, hiking, hunting, and/or etc

These socks are extremely suited to my lifestyle. When I get off work as a teacher, I like to head into the outdoors to do some hiking and fishing. Having a pair of socks that can seamlessly move with me throughout my day of being on my feet all day indoors and then into cold lakes and streams inside waders is amazing.

5) Rule if the sock is of the highest quality and whether it’s simply worth buying.

These socks are worth buying if you plan on doing anything outdoors or live anywhere with rain. These will keep your feet warm and comfortable in a wide variety of situations, even if you get them wet. I do believe these socks are worth buying.


–Tyler H