A Review of the Prototype Merino Socks

First impressions of the sock, they felt a little thin to me at first, I usually wear midweight wool socks though.. They looked good and all the stitching looked like it was executed well. The footbed was what peaked my curiosity the most. I tried them on immediately before washing to see how they fit. The fit to me was great, they hug the foot nicely but not so tight that they are uncomfortable. At first the footbed felt a little odd, but that feeling goes away within minutes.

So far I wore the sock around the house for the first time, I suffer from cold feet so wool socks in the house are great. They were comfortable and kept my feet warm all day. My next experience was wearing them to work for the day. They were comfortable all day and kept my feet warm in my Merrell vented boots on a 30-40 degree day. I could tell the difference between these socks and cotton socks that I wear as well. My last experience with so far was wearing them to church with my dress shoes and the around the farm in my cowboy boots working the rest of the day. The socks are very comfortable and the honeycomb footbed is really nice in boots or dress shoes that don’t always have the best insole.

Pro’s. They are warm when its cold. They perform better than I thought they would when I felt the thickness originally.
I don’t feel any stitching spots or tight spots when wearing.
They provide good support
A very nice looking sock
The calve section tends to slide down in my pair, maybe a more elastic or a better elastic in the upper section.
They seem to be picking already but not horribly. This could just be the new coming out

I would definitely wear the socks for my activities. I look forward to trying them out on a hike and a fly fishing trip. I like them for work and for just lounging around the house.

I think the socks are of good quality, its hard to tell the real quality without putting them through their paces for a few months though. I would be glad to send an update in a few months after I have really had the chance to put the socks through the ringer. As of now I would consider purchasing these socks, however I don’t think I would spend the extra $10 at $29.99 over a pair of Darn Tough socks at $15-20 a pair. I don’t think that they over any distinct advantage that qualifies them for the higher price tag.

(To be continued…)

–Adam G.