A Review of the Prototype Merino Socks

We had some great weather here in SC and I finally got to test the socks in a non-work environment. I wore them hiking on Saturday with Merrell boots and they were great! I didn’t go too far but they felt super comfortable for 5 miles I went. I also work them for a long mountain bike ride yesterday and it was 80+ degrees outside. I got super sweaty and the socks kept my feet dry. I probably wouldn’t wear the tall socks again on days that warm… I also have been wearing them to work because we keep it a chill 68 degrees in here and they’ve kept my feet warm!

I really like the extra comfort I get from the HexaShock tech. I can really tell in my day to day when I wear them compared to my regular socks. I haven’t hiked in them for long enough to give my input about backpacking in them vs my other athletic socks but they felt great on my 5-mile hike and 20-mile mountain bike ride!

I think $29.99 is a little steep for socks and I would choose a different pair, solely because of the price.

I noticed they tend to slide down after a couple of hours when I wear them to work. The fit is great for my foot but the ankle could be tighter. I am 6’3″ and weigh 155ish so it may just be my skinny ankles lol

I will write you reports as I wear them more and can test them over time! I am hiking Linville Gorge in a couple of weeks and I have some adventure races coming up so I’ll really be able to put them to the test!

(To be continued…)

–Dennis D